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ARTICLE 2 Purpose:

The ‘’Party of Life without Coercion’’ was established on the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to work and act in accordance with its charter and program, within the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, Iinternational Conventions, the Law on Political Parties, Electoral Laws and other relevant legislation.

Resist obligations and impositions that violate fundamental rights and freedoms stipulated in the constitution, fight against planned WHO measures, such as PCR tests, code and mask regimes, vaccination obligations that are carried out under the pretext of an epidemic, basing on the awareness that "every citizen has the right and freedom to lead a dignified life and develop his material and spiritual existence, exercising fundamental rights and freedoms from the day of his birth" which is stated in the preamble to the Constitution.

ARTICLE 3 - The nature of the party:

The party does not have any color in the political spectrum and it will include all segments that oppose commitments and impositions that violate the fundamental rights and freedoms set out in the constitution without any discrimination such as right-left, liberal-conservative, democratic-nationalist, religious or non-religious.

It is also impossible to distinguish between the members vaccinated and unvaccinated. Vaccinated persons can also become party members if they resist coercion and imposition on behalf of those who do not want to be vaccinated. Those, who oppose coercion and imposition of periodic vaccinations, such as additional vaccinations or reminders, even whose active period has expired despite vaccinations, can also be party members and the party will also resist coercion and pressure on the vaccinated.

The Party is a specific party, which was formed in extraordinary conditions, when the WHO, abusing international universal phenomena and technological advances, imposed on all countries a project of an artificial world, called "new world order - new normalcy - great reset".

The Party is a party that is founded against interference, coercion and the imposition of fundamental rights and freedoms that have never existed in the history of mankind. The party will defend and try to protect people, the current natural world, from the people of the artificial world, which is called the new normal world planned by WHO.

The party is a popular movement that defends the right to live without imposition, against the threat to the origins of humanity, by interfering with human genetics through injections of the chemical COVID or other methods introduced by the WHO called vaccines, disrupting the natural structure of humans.

The party will fulfill its responsibilities by stopping and abolishing other coercive and imposing methods, presented as measures to struggle the pandemic, such as compulsory vaccination, PCR test, code and mask regime, which in terms of content and scope violate the fundamental rights and freedoms specified in the Universal Declaration human rights and the constitution.

ARTICLE 4 - Principles of Operation:

The party has no political views or preferences other than the issues outlined in its program. In the words and actions of the party, there is no other theme than the goal defined in the program. Party members should not devote time to issues not related to the program of the party, all types of activities and associations of the party, and also may not unite or group on issues such as past political, ideological and religious views, including the personal life of each other. Insofar as, party members believe in the goals of the program, they cannot expect to receive benefits and positions. Members cannot be in a selfish complex, such as participating in general and local elections on behalf of a party, being a candidate or being elected, and cannot act in accordance with vested interests.

Party members can work in other parties, participate in their elections and actions on other political issues than those defined in the program, therefore, disciplinary supervision cannot be applied to a member.

The party will build solidarity and fight together with individuals and communities that pursue the same goal in other countries of the world, as well as with organizations such as parties, associations, foundations, unions.

The party is not an opponent or supporter of any party. It is equidistant from other parties and above politics. Will conduct activities and research in one subject and with one purpose. It will also make proposals and requests to the ruling party and its members in order to realize the goals described in the program, support them as much as it can, and stand on their side. The party will support the words and actions of opposition parties or members who partially or fully accept and share the goals of the program, and will oppose those who do not agree.

The party will support organizations such as: associations, unions, professional chambers, platforms and pages on social networks, websites or individuals that partially or completely accept and share the goals of the program and will be the only voice against imposition, joining forces, regardless of their attitudes, preferences, and personal experiences on non-program issues.

The party will stand in solidarity with all who accept and share the goals of the party program, regardless of their origin, personal life, opinions and preferences on various issues, and will fight against words and actions that contradict the goals of the party, regardless of who creates it and who it carries out.

Party of Life Without Coercion

Not: Bu ingilizce çeviri, gönüllü hizmet olarak sayın Sevinç Huseynova tarafından yapılmıştır. Kendisine partimiz adına çok teşekür ederim. Hacı Ali Özhan
Note: This English translation was made by Sevinç Huseynova as a voluntary service. Thank you very much on behalf of our party. Haji Ali Ozhan

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