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Party of Life without Coercion


The World Health Organization (WHO) aims to cause chaos and turmoil in all countries of the world by declaring a pandemic with the claim of epidemic, by using its feature of being an international organization, and by demanding intervention in the body integrity of people under the pretext of protecting health.

We are against the pressure, threats and blackmail of the WHO and international boards and organizations that support its actions, directed against the governments of the countries by abusing their duties and powers under the name of pandemic.

We - As the party of life without compulsion, which was founded against the coercive interventions and impositions on the bodily integrity of people, which are at the forefront of constitutional fundamental rights;

- want our country to stop its relations with WHO and its representatives have to taken out of the country.

- we oppose the treatment protocol imposed on our country by the world health organization in the covid epidemic, which is against the principle of ‘’the prescription is the honor of the doctor’’

- we oppose the pressure and coercion of ministries and administrative units to dictate the WHO's treatment scheme to physicians in order to prevent the epidemic.

- we say that, it is wrong to impose the drugs in the treatment scheme in accordance with the instructions of WHO and to apply them to everyone in the same type and dose, without taking into account the personal characteristics of people without the initiative of the physician.       

- we oppose the coercion and imposition under the name of vaccination due to the danger of converting people to GMO human with experimental covid chemical liquid.

- we oppose the imposition of chemical liquids that are tested with mRNA technology, and not licensed, also are contaminated with various additives, on people through pressure, threats and blackmail.

- we oppose WHO's plans to create robotized slave humans by establishing a chip tracking system with chemical liquids called vaccines.

- we oppose the misuse of the Internet and space technologies by WHO working against people in a way that can be tracked, controlled and directed through vaccines or similar methods.

- we oppose the transformation of people into controlled slaves using Wi-Fi antennas, by creating a magnetic field using 5g technology and other methods such as vaccines or similar means planned by the WHO.

- we oppose the methods imposed by WHO, called the great reset, for a new world order that will threaten natural human origins, seeking to change people and the world through vaccines or other methods.

- we oppose the artificial life and new norms called the new world order and we are trying to defend the fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in the constitution and the universal declaration of human rights, which WHO is violating through vaccines and similar means.

- where is the epidemic, is there a pandemic? What does the PCR test reveal, is the corona virus isolated? We do not want a life to be dependent and imposed by vaccines.

- we oppose the imposition of useless, unnecessary measures, that stop life and affect all areas of life, and vice versa, obligations imposed because they lead to disastrous results through planned measures such as face masks, curfews, job closings , codes, PCR tests and experimental liquid vaccine which recommended by the WHO to prevent an epidemic.

- we oppose the obligation to inject the experimental corona chemical liquid to all employees in public and private workplaces, teachers, children and parents in schools and universities, as well as against the introduction of a PCR test during long-distance travel.

- we oppose the obligations and requirements for vaccination or PCR test, vaccination certificate, health certificate, vaccination passport, which are required when entering and leaving the country.

- we oppose the imposition of a quarantine / isolation obligation, even if the PCR test, which is said to detect covid disease, is positive or shows no signs of disease.

- The HES app is house arrest and we object to bans that reduce the amount of sun, oxygen and movement, and the restriction of our freedom with the HES app code, and we say that life should not be at home. (HES - Life Fits into Home - application).

- We object to the necessity of a face mask that covers the mouth and nose in closed places, on the street, in the open air, due to the reduction of our oxygen and being forced to breathe carbon dioxide and other inconveniences.

- We oppose the violation of basic rights such as physical integrity, freedom of movement, the right to education and work through planned measures introduced under the pretext of preventing an epidemic.

- We will oppose coercion and the imposition of repetitive vaccinations, such as complementary vaccinations or reminder vaccinations, to those who have received voluntary vaccinations.

-My body belongs to me, respect my decision, do not interfere with my integrity, we do not accept interference and enforcement and your rules on our life and we want to live without compulsion.

The purpose of creating the " Party of Life Without Coercion’’ is limited to the specified issues, it does not have an agenda except of this topic, the party will only carry out activities to achieve the program goals described above.

Party of Life Without Coercion

Not: Bu ingilizce çeviri, gönüllü hizmet olarak sayın Sevinç Huseynova tarafından yapılmıştır. Kendisine partimiz adına çok teşekür ederim. Hacı Ali Özhan
Note: This English translation was made by Sevinç Huseynova as a voluntary service. Thank you very much on behalf of our party. Haji Ali Ozhan

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